We take offering only safe products very seriously. As such we ask that each consignor carefully ensure that none of their items have been recalled before bring them to our sale. As the consignor/seller of an item, it is the CONSIGNOR’S RESPONSIBLITY to ensure that each items meets the required safety standards.

Please use the following resource links to ensure that your item has not been recalled and is not considered dangerous or unsafe.


Click the icon to navigate to a database of product safety concerns and alerts, published by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This website satisfies the mandate of the 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), that the government publish a searchable database of consumer product incident reports.

Resale Guide

Please click the icon to read and download the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Handbook’s resale guide. This is a detailed manual explaining the dos and don’ts of selling used items, and there is a strong focus on children’s products.

Car seat Recall List

Click the icon for a list of all car seat recalls. This is The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Child Seat Recall Campaign Listing. The listing is managed by the Recall Management Division, Office of Defects Investigation Enforcement, and updated whenever the agency publishes a child seat recall, or when new information is added to a recall record.